for my Dad

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I thought the time between us was a lot, i thought he lived forever and had not, fought all those wars in vain: for freedom only. lived all those deaths in vain: for country only. I thought the time between us was a lot, when I would able be to say what’s not, easy to write when said; to say … Read More

beasts of love

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I spent some time in silence, and the pictures of you that were screaming by. wild horses in my brain. Then all the suffering and tormenting animals inside me, they gathered around me, their eyes cold, unmoving, like sacred felines from the Pyramids. They are waiting for you. They will creep silently inside you, move like a bad dream, coming … Read More

these words

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These words will get deeper and the safety of space space inside, around, between us, space like fancy packaging, wrapping our soul, selves, lives, will not save us. The heart will get sharper with small hands will push all that we love, hearts have small hands. they need space to hold, like ships with cargo. Hearts like ships in the … Read More

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