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Κυριακή στο Σπίτι
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Πέρασε δίχως συντροφιά κ’ η Κυριακή στο σπίτι βούλες στούς τοίχους έριξε το δίλι απ’ το φεγγίτη. Κ’ ήρθε του δρόμου τ΄όργανο βαθιά πολύ απ’ τα ξένα να δέσει με την έρημη καρδιά τα περασμένα, να κάμει ακόμα πιότερο καθημερνές τις σχόλες – και πήρε πόλκες ο άνεμος, ρομαντσες, βαρκαρόλες. Μάγια σα να ‘ταν του Καιρού, βγαίναν οι νότες, ίδια … Read More

Jadis et Naguère: Art Poétique, Paul Verlaine
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De la musique avant toute chose, Et pour cela préfère l’Impair Plus vague et plus soluble dans l’air, Sans rien en lui qui pèse ou qui pose. Il faut aussi que tu n’ailles point Choisir tes mots sans quelque méprise : Rien de plus cher que la chanson grise Où l’Indécis au Précis se joint. C’est des beaux yeux derrière des … Read More

Schrodinger’s Wave Equation
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  Have you ever seen a more beautiful equation??!! Its the kind of thing you would want to put on a T-shirt! Solving the Schrodinger equation provides scientists with a mathematical quantity called the wavefunction. This wavefunction is a probabilistic determination of where a particle might be at any one time. For example in the case of the electron, the … Read More

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This is a true story. I am saying that not because i fear you may not believe me, -or in fact because this story has any really unbelievable moments…- but because i want to keep reminding myself of how it was back then and what events transpired, so naturally so easily like a leaf floating downstream -effortlessly, gracefully. Good times. … Read More

Kalymnos – by the lovely Katerina Cosgrove
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Lining the quay are stalls selling sponges. Beneath them the water, still clear and blue, although it is nearly autumn, laps at the stone pier. In the late afternoon light the sponges seem to take on the luminous gold of sun-dappled water, much, I think, as they would have looked under the sea. Tourists finger them expectantly, as if half … Read More

8 minutes
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The distance of the sun from the Earth is between 146 and 152 million kilometres -give or take a few million, and depending of course on the time of the year. This means that light, racing through space at about 300,000 km/sec will take an average of about 8 minutes to reach the Earth. Think about this for a minute: … Read More

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