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Sarah Kay – Montauk
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I am a city girl to my core. The first time my parents took me outside of New York City to visit my uncle in New Jersey, I was standing on the front porch of their lovely suburban home when a fast-moving shadow caused my three-year-old heart to damn near beat out of my chest, and I shouted, That’s the biggest … Read More

Sarah Kay – Not Just Another Math Problem
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How did we get stuck in this empty v-generation? In this brand-spanking new games stagnation? Where rash regurgitation of hip-hop leads to celebration- that intelligence constipation, where kids are losing all concentration in trying to suppress their hard-earned education, and planting instead a language mutation of slang words and curse words to give the sensation of pure teenage anger and … Read More

Jeanann Verlee – 40 Love Letters
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Dear Dennis, I still think of you. Dear Andre, I saw you kiss her. I haven’t looked back. Dear Patrick, You’re just too young. Dear Eric, I said horrible things about you. Your teeth are fine, it’s the rest of you I don’t like. Dear Greg, Thank you for the poem for every single scar. Dear William, I loved you … Read More

Sarah Kay – The Ghost Ship
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In the second grade, every song was a handful of orange Tic Tacs rolling around my tongue: I knew all the words, could feel them tangy, round, and smooth, but didn’t care which one was which. I could sing back the Beatles perfectly with the words all smashed together. I was the first one to memorize any song the music … Read More

Κυρτές Ευθείες – by Dana
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Είναι αυτές οι κυρτές Ευθειες .τοξοτές….  (τοξικές ? ) Αδρες Βαθιες Απαλά Μαλακες Ελαστικά Ντελικάτες Χαρακτηριστικές Γραμμές Που αποκωδικοποιουν Ταιριαζουν ζωγραφιζουν Στο μυαλό.. Κι ερωτεύεσαι.. ………………………. Τα πάντα………….  

Ωραία Φέτα – by Ειρήνη Γεωργή (Irini Georgi)
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Χτες βράδυ, με δύο φίλες από φέισμπουκ, κατά τις τέσσερις καταλήγουμε σε υπαίθριο rave party, στο πεδίον του Άρεως. Η οποία περιοχή είναι θρυλική και τιμημένη για rave party, από τα ένδοξα χρόνια του alsos, χρονιές 90 και κάτι. Και ενώ ακόμα έχω σπίτι φυλαγμένο frond μπλουζάκι, έχω βγει με ξώβυζο, γιατί από τότε έχουν περάσει είκοσι χρόνια και κάτι, … Read More

U don’t fool me – by Dana
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20/2/2017 3:00 μμ Γύρω γύρω Ξανά κ ξανα Ο χρόνος …… γυρίζει επαναλαβανει Ανακυκλώνει αναμασαει ιστορίες…ιδιες Ακούραστα ίδιες … Εκεί ειμαι… Σε περιμένω Δεν αλλάζω. Δεν ξαναγεννιεμαι Αλλα δεν με κοροϊδεύεις Σε καταλαβαίνω… Κι εσυ ίδιος εισαι …αλλαζεις πρόσωπα Αλλα ίδιος εισαι..!!!!! by Danna

Keep your love around
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Keep your love around, like a knife. all at once you find what was in your mind, hidden nowhere Nowhere is where you went, when not alone. Somewhere is anywhere but here Somewhere is what it used to be And you, torn apart by words that always mean the same, and words that change, – like people. Like people change, … Read More

Repost: Exchanging Gifts by Daphne Kapsali
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  La Poubelle is on the warpath again. She’s set up a one-woman roadblock outside her house, accosting every passerby indiscriminately. A small boy on a bicycle was retained for a full two minutes, and she’s even appealing, in urgent tones, to tourists, who have no interest in our neighbourhood affairs. Which is unusual. ‘What is it this time?’ says … Read More

Dear Zeus
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Dear Zeus Ungod forever hold your silence. Lest those lost in known-unknown despair from the modern and affluent Gods of preach of violence and of hate of youngest martyrs of ignorant self killers of false promises And of violent raging death of teaching growing hate of lies, of ill-translated rhyme will hear the truth be spoken and seek to find … Read More

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