Her Moodiness

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I wish I could describe her moodiness in words, like it really is, like it really makes me feel… It is such an elusive feeling yet so tangible at the same time. Tangible not as in the feeling itself, but the effects that it has on me are so evident they are impossible to hide.  If I were to paint … Read More

The Sufficiently Complex Universe, God and Selfless Love

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When Max Planck was going to start his Ph.D. in Physics they told him that he really need not apply and that he shouldn’t bother because “all of physics has really been discovered”. Undaunted -of course- the bright young scientist went on with his studies and -when they finally found someone who could read and understand his thesis- formulated an … Read More

Sarah Kay – Not Just Another Math Problem

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How did we get stuck in this empty v-generation? In this brand-spanking new games stagnation? Where rash regurgitation of hip-hop leads to celebration- that intelligence constipation, where kids are losing all concentration in trying to suppress their hard-earned education, and planting instead a language mutation of slang words and curse words to give the sensation of pure teenage anger and … Read More

Κυρτές Ευθείες – by Dana

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Είναι αυτές οι κυρτές Ευθειες .τοξοτές….  (τοξικές ? ) Αδρες Βαθιες Απαλά Μαλακες Ελαστικά Ντελικάτες Χαρακτηριστικές Γραμμές Που αποκωδικοποιουν Ταιριαζουν ζωγραφιζουν Στο μυαλό.. Κι ερωτεύεσαι.. ………………………. Τα πάντα………….  

Ωραία Φέτα – by Ειρήνη Γεωργή (Irini Georgi)

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Χτες βράδυ, με δύο φίλες από φέισμπουκ, κατά τις τέσσερις καταλήγουμε σε υπαίθριο rave party, στο πεδίον του Άρεως. Η οποία περιοχή είναι θρυλική και τιμημένη για rave party, από τα ένδοξα χρόνια του alsos, χρονιές 90 και κάτι. Και ενώ ακόμα έχω σπίτι φυλαγμένο frond μπλουζάκι, έχω βγει με ξώβυζο, γιατί από τότε έχουν περάσει είκοσι χρόνια και κάτι, … Read More