Dear Zeus

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Dear Zeus
forever hold your silence.

Lest those lost in known-unknown despair
from the modern and affluent
Gods of preach
of violence
and of hate
of youngest martyrs
of ignorant self killers
of false promises
And of violent raging death
of teaching growing hate
of lies, of ill-translated rhyme
will hear the truth
be spoken
and seek to find your mountain
in that ancient land
to ruin your place
and mark it.

Dear Zeus
as those of whom
you were like
had dreamed of you
had fashioned your
your might
your lightning strike
had given power
to all your human needs
had found a way
to explain all your deeds

Dear Zeus
protect your pantheon
-even the god unknown-
for now the circle
is only half complete.

As men first
made gods
like them
and then made gods
made men
like them,
and one day again
we might again repeat
after the blood has flowed
in plenty
to drown our thirsty soul
from all the questions that
torment us of old

Then with the new mind
of “I am man and god together and alone”
we might one day decide to make
our own
seek to refashion the new gods of old
those that were made like us
and from us unfold


The new man will look to the sky
and be not afraid
but gentle and calm
rich like the peace
in crystal mountain lakes
thoughtful and wise.

So the new god will rise
and wear his mark
like him he will be human
and god alike
and man and god at once
and kindness
that needs no reason
and no long explains
that is but in the nature
of the kind
like beauty is of flowers
simple and kind.

And then the universe
will be the only poem
that’s left unsaid,
and un-praised.

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