Keep your love around

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Keep your love around, like a knife. all at once you find what was in your mind, hidden nowhere Nowhere is where you went, when not alone. Somewhere is anywhere but here Somewhere is what it used to be And you, torn apart by words that always mean the same, and words that change, – like people. Like people change, … Read More

Repost: Exchanging Gifts by Daphne Kapsali

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  La Poubelle is on the warpath again. She’s set up a one-woman roadblock outside her house, accosting every passerby indiscriminately. A small boy on a bicycle was retained for a full two minutes, and she’s even appealing, in urgent tones, to tourists, who have no interest in our neighbourhood affairs. Which is unusual. ‘What is it this time?’ says … Read More

Dear Zeus

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Dear Zeus Ungod forever hold your silence. Lest those lost in known-unknown despair from the modern and affluent Gods of preach of violence and of hate of youngest martyrs of ignorant self killers of false promises And of violent raging death of teaching growing hate of lies, of ill-translated rhyme will hear the truth be spoken and seek to find … Read More


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  Poetry is the sustaining space between half-chosen words. It lives irreverently, despite of us, and it despises us despite of those who hold the words in tiny hands at night like pieces from their heart still beating poetry begins when breathing  ends and effort is surrendered

Familiar thoughts while listening to Amagi Radio, Natassa Paschali – straight_lies

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 “Hello my love… “How does that song go?I just got one of those new keyboards with both the latin and greek letters on the keys, it is extremely confusing to say the least, and i can’t for the life of me write a single effing word without going back and correcting. Vowels and consonants sneak up like unfriendly misfits all … Read More