U don’t fool me (by Danna)

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20/2/2017 3:00 μμ Γύρω γύρω Ξανά κ ξανα Ο χρόνος …… γυρίζει επαναλαβανει Ανακυκλώνει αναμασαει ιστορίες…ιδιες Ακούραστα ίδιες … Εκεί ειμαι… Σε περιμένω Δεν αλλάζω. Δεν ξαναγεννιεμαι Αλλα δεν με κοροϊδεύεις Σε καταλαβαίνω… Κι εσυ ίδιος εισαι …αλλαζεις πρόσωπα Αλλα ίδιος εισαι..!!!!! by Danna

Repost: Exchanging Gifts by Daphne Kapsali

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  La Poubelle is on the warpath again. She’s set up a one-woman roadblock outside her house, accosting every passerby indiscriminately. A small boy on a bicycle was retained for a full two minutes, and she’s even appealing, in urgent tones, to tourists, who have no interest in our neighbourhood affairs. Which is unusual. ‘What is it this time?’ says … Read More

Γιατί μου αρέσει ο Άγγελος Σικελιανός

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Θαλερό Φλογάτη, γελαστή, ζεστή, από τ’ αμπέλια απάνωθεν εκοίταγε η σελήνη· κι ακόμα ο ήλιος πύρωνε τα θάμνα, βασιλεύοντας μες σε διπλή γαλήνη. Bαριά τα χόρτα, ιδρώνανε στην αψηλήν απανεμιά το θυμωμένο γάλα, κι από τα κλήματα τα νια, που της πλαγιάς ανέβαιναν μακριά-πλατιά τη σκάλα, σουρίζανε οι αμπελουργοί φτερίζοντας, εσειόντανε στον όχτο οι καλογιάννοι, κι άπλων’ απάνω στο φεγγάρι … Read More

Tim Minchin – Nine Life Lessons

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  “In darker days, I did a corporate gig at a conference for this big company who made and sold accounting software. In a bid, I presume, to inspire their salespeople to greater heights, they’d forked out 12 grand for an Inspirational Speaker who was this extreme sports guy who had had a couple of his limbs frozen off when … Read More

Εμείς οι Χτίστες

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Ἐμεῖς οἱ χτίστες τῶν μουγγῶν ἐρώτων τῶν σκληρῶν, δεν πᾶμε ἐμεῖς γιὰ ἕνα φιλί, δεν πᾶμε για ἕνα γέλιο· για τα καρφια που μάτωσαν στις ἄκριες τῶν σταυρῶν ἕνα βαρύ ἀπο ἐντολές σηκώνομε Εὐαγγέλιο. Τη γλύκα βαρεθήκαμε τῶν ἥσυχων ὡρῶν, ὁ Ἀπρίλης εἶναι πίσω μας, βγήκαμε ἀπ’ το λιμάνι κι ἀδειάσαμε στα κύματα, βορά τῶν χαλασμῶν, το βιός που στοργικά … Read More

Nikola Tesla

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The future will tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his accomplishments. The present is theirs, the future for which I have really worked is mine. If there is one person who single-handedly imagined, designed and invented the modern world,  who has never really received the full credit and public recognition that he deserved, whose inventions were at times … Read More

The Future Hides the Truth

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Back in 1929 the brilliant and persistent astronomer Edwin Hubble made discoveries that proved that our universe was expanding, with all the heavenly bodies moving away from each other in a straight dance, like coloured dots on the surface of an ever inflating balloon. Something that is well known today and taken for granted, but back then it was pretty … Read More

Stephen Hawking on TED

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There is nothing bigger or older than the universe. The questions I would like to talk about are: one, where did we come from? How did the universe come into being? Are we alone in the universe? Is there alien life out there? What is the future of the human race? Up until the 1920s, everyone thought the universe was … Read More

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