Nikola Tesla

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The future will tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his accomplishments. The present is theirs, the future for which I have really worked is mine.

If there is one person who single-handedly imagined, designed and invented the modern world,  who has never really received the full credit and public recognition that he deserved, whose inventions were at times  purposefully attributed to other people, and whose work still remains clouded in mystery and most probably is still the driving force behind some of the most amazing, powerful and esoteric projects and experiments carried out even today, then this one man could only be the one and only Nicola Tesla.

This tall dark haired Serb with the clear-lined face was born on July 1856 and later became an American citizen, and died in a small hotel room in New York alone and probably penniless, in January 1943.

His personality and psychological profile would be an amazing case for study by itself as Tesla was tormented almost continuously by very vivid and sometimes violent hallucinations and other visions -which would also help him design and realise many of his inventions- by a number of obsessive compulsive behavioural symptoms and also, during all of his life, by the untimely death of his elder brother Dane in 1863 who died very young, about 15 years old, as a result of  a horse riding accident  and who was already recognised as a child prodigy. Tesla also had a lifelong fondness of pigeons.

Some of  the most important of  Tesla’s inventions, which we easily take for granted today, include multiphase alternating current and how to transmit it over long distances with minimal losses, the modern alternating current electric motor, radio, wireless transmission of signals, remote control, neon, robotics, x-rays, basic laser and radar technology, cellular technology, large-scale hydro-electric systems for producing energy, and of course the Tesla coil. Any one of the inventions included above, any one invention by itself would  guarantee eternal fame and glory for its inventor; there was no contingency plan for one person being responsible for all of the above, -and many, many more.

But it is his other lesser known inventions that are the subject of a lot of speculation as much of his work is still classified. His project for the wireless transmission of energy over great distances, for free, has never been publicly realised or refuted.  His “death beam” design (something he believed would bring and end to all wars) is most probably behind the modern day applications of  “star wars” defence systems, HAARP technology and particle beams. He had designed and experimented with a machine for producing artificial earthquakes, of unlimited magnitude, by finding and exploiting the natural frequency of vibration of the earth, between 6-8 Hz.

It is argued that he intentionally took some of his work with him to his grave. It is time to bring  this great humanitarian inventor back into the light.

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